What is Showroom ?
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SHOWROOM is a software to make your own showroom on Web.
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You can easly define your product and/or service and show them
to public users.
You have 2 area: public area and administration area.
Everyone can access in the public area. In this area everyone can view the products
and services.
Only administators can access to private area.
In private area you can:

The administators can define Special Tags and create the relationships with products or services.
In this way the administrator can tag some product for example, promotion or
new product.
Special tag is "special" because the administrator for example can define the icon
that must appear with the product, or for example if the product that is tagged
must appears in top of list of product of the same category.

On the public area, the system track every operation made by the public user.
In this way the administrator can create a lot of statistics such as product with more viewed,
the word more used in the search field and many other...